Fimbul Radio Leaderboard & Ranking




On Fimbul Radio, you gain experience by being active and by being part of the community. 

Here is a list of current commands:
!rank (shows your level, rank, and XP)
!silver (shows the amount of silver you have earned)
!buy shout (purchase a shoutout from your earned silver) *coming soon
!seer (The Seer will give you facts, tips, or something even greater depending on your rank)
!fact (The Seer posts a link to this page, so others can learn about the system)

How does XP work:
You gain XP by a combination of time spent online, and by chatting with other folks on Fimbul Radio. 

Benefits of a high rank/level:
1. The top 5 highest level users are placed on the leaderboard in the live stream. You also earn more silver the higher level you become.

High ranked users will occasionally be considered for becoming a moderator on the live chat.  

The top 10 highest ranked users can get a 10% discount code for Danheim’s merchandise store by sending an email with your username from your YouTube registered email address. 

You also earn silver the same way as ranking and levels work.
You can use your silver to enter random giveaways (t-shirts, merch, and other gifts)

You can use !silver to see how many you have earned so far.

You can also join Fimbul Radio as a member, and get access to custom emojis, badges, and many other features. 

 See more or join here:
Become a member on YouTube