Music in Vikings Season 6

Danheim’s music on the tv show Vikings Season 6 (History Channel)

Wonder what Danheim music was playing in Vikings season 6, episodes 9, 10 and 13?
You can find the complete list of music and songs below here.

Vikings s6e09 – Music by Danheim

Danheim –  Vanheimr   (listen here)

Bjorn Ironside and Ingrid’s wedding, ritual and bed.

Vikings s6e13 – Music by Danheim
No scene information yet..

Danheim – Gripir   (listen here)

Vikings s6e10 – Music by Danheim
“The Best Laid Plans”

Danheim – Tyrfing   (listen here)

Ivar the Boneless and the Rus climbs their way up the cliff.
– and when King Oleg sails towards the blockage.


Danheim – Floki’s Last Journey  (listen here)

* King Harald senses defeat, and sees the Rus warriors storm the shore,
* Bjorn Ironside talks with Ivar the Boneless on the shore.
* The epic shore battle between Scandinavia and the Rus.

Danheim – Gripir  (listen here)

When the Rus are sailing towards the Scandinavian shores.


Danheim – Munarvagr  (listen here)

The epic battle on the shore between Scandinavia and the Rus.
Bjorn Ironside and King Harald fights to defend the shore.
(with archers and spiked balls)

Danheim – Heljarför  (listen here)

The Bjorn Ironside and his wife Gunnhild sees the fleet of the Rus for the first time out at sea.